Tax for Amazon Flex Drivers

This article is our Complete Guide to Tax for Amazon Flex delivery drivers. Learn about applying for an ABN, and whether or not you need to register for GST. Find out how to claim deductions on your car, including the requirements for keeping a logbook. And understand what lodgments you need to make to the ATO as a delivery driver.

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How to Respond to an ATO Audit of your Rideshare BAS

We’ve recently started seeing that every time a rideshare driver lodges a BAS after they’ve purchased a new car, they’re getting an audit from the ATO. In this article I’ll give some background to why these ATO reviews get triggered, and our best advice for how to navigate the process.

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How To Claim an EV or Tesla on Tax

Working out your tax deduction for a Tesla or Electric Vehicle is challenging. In this article I’ll explain everything you need to know about tax for EVs, including how much you can claim for the purchase of a Tesla or other electric vehicle for rideshare or delivery work, how to calculate your tax deduction for electricity when charging your EV at home, and the tax implications of installing a Tesla Wall Connector or EV home charger.

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Renting a Car For Uber [Complete Guide]

All Uber and UberEats drivers must have an ABN. But if it’s your first time being self-employed then you’ve probably never had an ABN before, so there’s a lot to learn. In this article I’ll explain what an ABN is, the ATO’s ABN rules for Uber and UberEats drivers, and how to apply for an Uber ABN.

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