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Pre Booking Checklist

  • Uber Monthly Summaries (must be monthly, not weekly or annual). If you’re booking in July please allow a few weeks for Uber to issue your June summary.

  • Income Summaries for any other rideshare you do (monthly or annual only)

  • Rideshare expenses totalled per category (e.g. total for fuel, insurance, mobile phone, water, mints etc)

  • Payment Summaries for all employers (the ATO will usually have these on your prefill report by mid-July)

  • Employee deductions summarised

  • Bank Interest (the ATO will usually have this by mid-July) and other investment income

  • Private Health Insurance Summary

  • Estimate of spouse’s taxable income

  • IMPORTANT:   If you lodge your BAS’s through DriveTax you must lodge your June BAS first. It must be lodged and finalised BEFORE your tax return appointment


How to Book

  • Click on DriveTax below and then choose which service you need

  • Click on the More Info links for a more detailed explanation of each option

  • Please book a long enough appointment for all of your tax needs. There will be another client booked after you, so we don’t want to run out of time to complete your return. Our fees will be based on the services you use, not the length of your appointment.

  • Not sure which one? Please choose the Extended consultation just to be safe. Again, we will not charge you for extra time that is not used, we just want to make sure we have enough time to take care of your return 

  • Please book the first or last timeslot on the date you choose, so as not to leave hard-to-fill gaps in in our calendar.



Can’t find an appointment that suits?

Try Express Tax instead. 

Our consultations book out quickly, so if you can’t find a suitable timeslot or you’d like your tax return completed sooner, our Express Tax service is the perfect solution. Fill in our online questionnaire, email us your Uber summaries, and we’ll take care of the rest.  

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