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  • Food Delivery Driver? – If you will not be doing rideshare and only doing food delivery, then you only need an ABN, you need don’t need to register for GST. Just tick the food delivery driver box below and we’ll apply for an ABN only with no GST for you.
  • Rideshare Driver? – If you will be doing rideshare then you MUST register for GST. This is true even if you will earn less than $75,000, because the $75,000 does not apply to rideshare drivers. Visit the links below for more information. 
  • Already got an ABN?  – We’ll add your GST registration to your existing ABN. You’ll need your ABN handy to fill into the form below. You cannot get a different ABN, you must use the same one. If you are currently using your ABN for other business or contracting income please remember that your GST registration applies to your whole ABN so you will now have to pay GST on all of your business income, not just the Uber income.
  • Had an ABN in the past? – The ATO requires us to reactivate your old ABN, you cannot get a new one because each taxpayer only gets one ABN for their lives, just like your TFN. You MUST provide us with your old ABN. If you can’t remember it, you will need to search on the Australian Business Register. Enter your name and hit search, then click on the All ABN’s tab. Your postcode will help you narrow it down (this may be a past postcode, not your current one).
  • Already started driving, or been driving for a while?  – That’s okay, the ATO allow you to backdate your registration. Just enter your required start date below and we will backdate it for you. We’ll also send you information on how to catch up with your BAS’s and tax.



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