Refund Policy


This policy applies to all students who purchase ‘Understanding Uber Taxes’.

If you purchase the course and then discover that it is not in any way relevant to your Uber driving circumstances, you can email us to request a refund within 60 days.

For example, you purchased the course but you are not from Australia. This course is based on Australian tax law and is not of any use to people from any other country.

In order to grant a refund, we require evidence of your circumstances that are not covered in the course in order to verify that the course materials are not in any way applicable to you and you would not receive any benefit.

Note that we will not grant a refund just because you have a specific complication in your tax affairs that is beyond the scope of this course. For example, you are a regular rideshare driver, so the course content was largely applicable to you now and in future years, but due to a particular complication in a given year you couldn’t prepare your own return that year and had to engage an accountant. The course information was still relevant to you, so no refund will be granted.

We also will not grant a refund simply because you went through the course and claim that you could not or chose not to lodge your own tax return. Let me explain why.

This course covers lodgment of BAS’s and of the Business schedule of the tax return in MyGov in detail, step by step from start to finish, with comprehensive up-to-date video tutorials. I also provide support through our Facebook Support Group if you have any questions or need clarification on any of the course content.

So with all these resources and extra support, I have absolute certainty that this course provides you with everything you need to know.

However lodging a tax return is complex, and not everyone is able to do it themselves. It also depends on factors such as your comfort with technology, your knowledge of how business and taxes work, your level of understanding of the English language (I know our students are from diverse backgrounds and I hope to add subtitles for popular languages soon, but this isn’t available yet), and your comfort with learning new information that is quite technical and complex at times.

These are factors that I cannot control. I promise to provide you with all the information you need, but I cannot be responsible for how you learn and use the information. For this reason, refunds will not be granted if you purchase the course and are not able to lodge your own return.  This isn’t fair to me or to others.

Finally, we do not offer refunds because you changed your mind, or due to any other extraneous personal circumstances.

We cannot pass judgment on any individual situations and decide what is genuine or ‘fair’, and we will not make exceptions to some but not others.

No refunds will be issued after 60 days of purchase.

No exceptions will be made to any of the policies above.

We reserve the right to evaluate your request and make a decision accordingly. All refund requests must be sent to with evidence as described above.

If you have any questions or need clarification on any of these policies please feel free to email us anytime.