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At DriveTax we specialise in tax for Uber and rideshare drivers. The GST changes for the sharing economy announced by the ATO have been confusing, and there’s not alot of information and support available. So we’re on a mission to provide no-fuss compliance and expert support to drivers across Australia.

We’re a CPA Practice and a Registered Tax Agent, led by Director Jess Murray CPA. Jess has extensive experience in small business tax, and is also a regular Uber rider.

If you want to drive but aren’t sure where to start, skip dealing with the ATO and let us handle the process for you.

Jess Murray CPA

Registered Tax Agent & Uber specialist

Still Unsure?

If you’ve never run a business before, ABN’s and GST can be confusing. If you’d like to learn more, we’ve written a complete guide to getting started as a rideshare driver. It’s called Seven Steps to Sorting your Uber & Rideshare Tax Obligations. We explain how get registered, keep a logbook, keep records and minimise tax in seven simple steps. Everything rideshare and Uber drivers need to know to get ATO compliant and hit the road with confidence.

You can read it right now on our blog. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes. The ATO requires all Uber drivers and rideshare drivers to register for GST, regardless of how much or little they earn.

For most small businesses if you earn less than $75,000 you don’t have to register for GST. But this does not apply to taxi drivers. Taxi drivers must register for GST from the first dollar they earn. The ATO define a taxi service as driving passengers from A to B for money, and so the courts have determined that Uber and rideshare drivers meet that definition also.

Ultimately this means the $75k threshold doesn’t apply to Uber drivers and rideshare drivers. This means you must register for GST regardless of what you earn.

In the majority of cases the ATO will issue your ABN instantly. Occasionally they decide to manually check an application and send the ABN in the mail instead, usually within two weeks. We will let you know right away if this is the case for you. However the ATO will backdate your ABN start date once they’re finished reviewing, so you can still start driving right away.
The ATO will only ever issue you one ABN in your lifetime, same as for your TFN. If you already have an ABN you must use it, you can’t apply for a new/different one. If you’ve had one in the past that has become inactive we’ll need to reactivate that same one for you. Please have your existing ABN handy when you apply for your Startup Pack.
The ATO have advised they’ll be applying heavy penalties for those that don’t comply. The current penalty for Failure To Register is $3,400, and penalties for Failure To Lodge of up to $850 per BAS would also apply. The ATO seem to have access to data on who is earning income from Uber, and many unregistered drivers have received letters from the ATO demanding they pay their tax. It seems there’s no avoiding the tax man!
This is very hard to estimate, as it’s different for everyone. Our blog post on Putting Aside Tax & GST will help you work out how much to save.
You’ll find more detail on how to keep a logbook in our post on Tax Deductions for Rideshare Drivers
We’ve written a blog post explaining all the tax deductions for Uber drivers and rideshare drivers. You’ll also be able to claim the GST back on most of these on your quarterly BAS. Tax Deductions for Rideshare Drivers.

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