Tracking your Uber expenses made easy. 

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The Ultimate Uber Spreadsheet

Uber Spreadsheet

Track your Uber income and expenses in the DriveTax Bookkeeping Spreadsheet, designed for Rideshare & Food Delivery drivers in Australia.

You'll never miss a tax deduction when it's this easy to enter your Uber expenses. And everything is totalled for you automatically, so lodging your BAS's and tax returns is a breeze. 

Built by DriveTax, Australia's leading Uber accountants, to save you time AND save you tax

Tracking Your Uber Expenses Made Easy

All the major rideshare and delivery companies

Customised to exactly match your monthly summaries from Uber, UberEats Ola, Didi, Bolt and more, so entering your income is a breeze  

All the expenses you can claim as a driver

Categories for all your rideshare and delivery expenses, including car expenses, tolls, mobile phone, home office, water, mints, stationery, spotify, and more. 

GST calculated for you to make BAS's easy

If you're a rideshare driver, let the spreadsheet do the hard work and calculate your GST for you. Lodge your own BAS and save hundreds in accounting fees. 

Uber Logbook

Logbook to maximise your car deductions

Also includes an ATO-compliant logbook that does all the adding up for you, so that you can claim the maximum deduction for your Uber car expenses.

Created by DriveTax, Australia's most trusted Uber tax experts

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Uber Spreadsheet

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