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Express Tax

  • * Our Most Popular Option *
  • Easy Online Questionnaire
  • Processed by CPA Accountant Jess
  • Includes Employment & Other Basics
  • Simple, Fast and Great Value

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  • Includes Employment & Other Basics
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Frequently Asked Questions

It depends. If you lodge your own tax return, or if you have lodged a tax return late in the past, it is the 31st of October. If you have always lodged your tax returns on time, and you will use DriveTax or another tax agent this year, it is the 15th of May the the following year.

Express Tax is the easiest way to lodge your rideshare tax return, and by far our most popular option. Upload your Income Summaries, fill your expenses into our online form, and we’ll do the rest. If we have any questions or suggested extra deductions we’ll chat via email, and then we’ll email your tax return to you for your review and signature once it’s ready. It’s simple, fast and great value.

We have limited consultations timeslots available so they tend to book out well in advance. If you can’t find a timeslot that suits you, or you’d like your return completed sooner, consider our Express Tax service instead.

All our consultations are via phone or Skype. This allows us to offer a faster and lower cost service, and also means we can service clients across Australia.

Yes, absolutely. Just have your partner fill in the Express Tax form also. There’s a box to tick for Non-Rideshare/Employee Only tax returns, and the form will automatically skip all the rideshare questions to make things simple.  Prices start from $130 for a standard non-rideshare Express Tax return.

Yes, all our tax returns include your employee income and tax deductions as well, and this is all included in the price of your rideshare tax return.

Yes, we can do it all. DriveTax is a full service tax and accounting firm and look after all of your personal and small business tax requirements. 

Check out our ‘Get Ready Guide’ for details of what information you’ll need to complete your tax return.

We will download your Prefill report from the ATO. However it can take a few weeks for your Payment Summary, Bank Interest, Private Health Insurance and other information to reach the ATO and appear on your Prefill report. This means if you are doing your tax return in July, and sometimes in August too, you need to provide these items directly to us.

No, you don’t need to send your receipts or your logbook to us, as long as you have them on hand in case the ATO requests them.

The ATO accepts bank records or any other kind of electronic records for your tax deductions if you don’t have the actual receipt. 

If you started your logbook before 30 June, it will be valid for your tax return, but you’ll have to finish the 12 weeks before we can prepare your tax return. If you did not start a logbook before 30 June, you will not be able to use this method to claim your car expenses this year. In this case we’ll claim using the cents per km method instead. See our article on Tax Deductions for Uber Drivers for more information.

Our standard processing time for Express Tax returns from July to October is two to three weeks, although always we aim to get your return completed asap. For the rest of the year allow two weeks.

We will issue your invoice once your tax return is complete, and we’ll email it to you together with your tax return for signature. Once we’ve received your payment we can then lodge your return to the ATO.  We accept credit card, bank transfer and PayPal.

Unfortunately we do not have this service available.

Once lodged, the ATO’s standard processing time is 12 business days, but this can sometimes be delayed if they choose to check your return more closely. Note that the ATO don’t start issuing refunds until the 17th of July.

If you have a tax bill to the ATO, the due date will vary depending on when we lodge your return. We can delay lodgment of your tax return if you like, in which case your tax bill can be due as late as May, 11 months after the end of the financial year. 

The ATO will be happy to sent up a payment arrangement if you like, you can read more about this option here.

Need More Information?

Our Get Ready Guide explains exactly how to prepare for your return, what documents and figures you’ll need, and how to get started.

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About Us

At DriveTax we specialise in tax for Uber drivers and all rideshare drivers. Many drivers are tackling their first tax return as a self-employed business owner, and there’s very little tax information and support available. So we’re on a mission to provide no-fuss compliance and expert support to drivers across Australia.

We’re a CPA Practice and a Registered Tax Agent, led by Director Jess Murray CPA. Jess has extensive experience in small business tax, and is Australia’s leading expert in tax for Uber and rideshare drivers, with hundreds of clients across Australia.

By lodging with DriveTax you’ll have peace of mind your deductions have been maximised, because we know exactly what you can claim.  Simple and stress-free.

Jess Murray CPA

Jess Murray CPA

Registered Tax Agent & Uber specialist