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Express Tax

  • Rideshare/Food Delivery Tax Return
  • Easy Online Questionnaire
  • Processed by CPA Accountant Jess
  • Includes Employment & Other Basics
  • Simple, Fast and Great Value
  • Spouse/Non-Driver $130

Tax Consultation

  • Rideshare/Food Delivery Tax Return
  • Phone/Skype Appointment
  • Chat with CPA Accountant Jess
  • Time for Advice & Questions
  • Includes Employment & Other Basics
  • Spouse/Non-Driver Returns $190


  • Rental Properties
  • Capital Gains
  • Additional Businesses
  • Other Investments
  • Charged Based on Complexity
  • Contact Us for a Quote

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Frequently Asked Questions

Check out our ‘Get Ready Guide’ for details of what information you’ll need to complete your tax return.
We will download your Prefill report from the ATO. However it can take a few weeks for your Payment Summary, Bank Interest and other information to appear on your Prefill report. This means if you are doing your tax return in July, you need to provide these items directly to us, as the ATO might not have them yet.

Unfortunately we do not have this service available.

The ATO’s standard processing time is 12 business days, but this can sometimes be delayed if they choose to check your return more closely. Note that the ATO don’t start issuing refunds until the 18th of July.
All our consultations are via phone or Skype. This allows us to offer a faster and lower cost service, and also means we can service clients across Australia.
No, you don’t need to send your receipts or your logbook to us, as long as you have them on hand in case the ATO requests them.

If you started your logbook before 30 June, it will be valid for your tax return, but you’ll have to finish the 12 weeks before we can prepare your tax return. If you did not start a logbook before 30 June, you will not be able to use this method to claim your car expenses this year. In this case, you can go ahead with your tax return, and we’ll explain your other options to claim your car expenses.

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Who We Are

At DriveTax we specialise in tax for Uber drivers and all rideshare drivers. Many drivers are tackling their first tax return as a self-employed business owner, and there’s very little tax information and support available. So we’re on a mission to provide no-fuss compliance and expert support to drivers across Australia.

We’re a CPA Practice and a Registered Tax Agent, led by Director Jess Murray CPA. Jess has extensive experience in small business tax, and is Australia’s leading expert in tax for Uber and rideshare drivers, with hundreds of clients across Australia.

By lodging with DriveTax you’ll have peace of mind your deductions have been maximised, because we know exactly what you can claim.  Simple and stress-free.

Jess Murray CPA

Registered Tax Agent & Uber specialist

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