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  • New Driver?   Head to our New Driver page for everything you need to get started.    Go >

  • ABN or GST Registration?   We can do this for you for free. Head to our New Driver page to read more.    Go >

  • Food delivery driver?    We have a blog post especially for you! It explains all the tax rules for UberEats and food delivery drivers.   Go >

  • Buying a car?    Check out our blog post on Buying a Car for Uber. It includes the instant asset write-off, GST, depreciation, finance and more.   Go >

  • Lodging your Tax Return?   Please visit our Tax Returns page and read the FAQ’s, including questions about employee income, spouse tax returns, receipts, logbooks and more.   Go >    

  • Not sure which appointment type on the Booking Form?   Just select Extended, you won’t be charged extra if you’ve booked too much time, we only charge for the services you use.   Go >

  • Can’t find an appointment timeslot?    We do book out quickly, and no further timeslots will be added. If you can’t find one that suits please use our Express Tax service instead.    Go >

  • Question about car & other tax deductions?    Try our blog post on Tax Deductions for Uber Drivers. It includes what you can claim, how to keep records and more.   Go >

  • Question about logbooks?    Our Tax Deductions for Uber Drivers blog post covers all of the requirements for how to keep a logbook.   Go >

  • Lodging your BAS?   Please visit our BAS page and read the FAQ’s, including questions about due dates, how to lodge, and what information you’ll need.   Go >    

  • Question about calculating your GST?    We’ve written a blog post to explain in detail how GST on your Uber income and Uber fees is worked out.   Go >    

  • Multiple BAS’s to catch up on?   For two or three BAS’s, just fill in the Express BAS form once for each BAS. For four or more BAS’s please contact us below.   Go >    

  • Didn’t drive this quarter?    You must still lodge a BAS. You’ll find this answer in the FAQ’s on our BAS page.   Go >    

  • Stopped driving for Uber?    You can cancel your GST registration for free by calling the ATO, or our fee is $66.   Go >    

  • Behind on your taxes & not sure where to start?    First make sure you’re registered, and then catch up on your BAS’s with our Express BAS service. This article covers all the steps:   Go >    

  • Got an ATO fine?    You’ll need to call and chat to the ATO. Tax for Uber drivers is hard, and they may be sympathetic, but you MUST catch up on all your lodgments first:   Go >    

  • Having trouble paying a tax bill?    The ATO are generally more than happy to set up a payment arrangement for you. You can read more here   Go >    

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Please note that we can’t give tax advice via this form or by email. If you have a question about your personal circumstances, you’re not sure about a tax deduction, or you need other specific tax advice there is space for questions in your Express Tax or Express BAS forms, or you can ask during your Tax or BAS consultation.

If you’re emailing during July-October we will do our best to respond asap, but please allow two working days for a response.

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