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Hi, I'm Jess. I'm a CPA Accountant and Registered Tax Agent, and I specialise in tax preparation and advice for Uber drivers. As a regular rider in Melbourne, I’ve chatted to many drivers who are facing their first ABN tax return, are confused about their tax obligations, or aren’t sure what to do at tax time. I'm on a mission to relieve the confusion and build a go-to service for Uber drivers across Australia.

Tax for UberEats & Food Delivery Drivers

This article is our Complete Guide to Tax for UberEats and Food Delivery Drivers and Riders. Learn about applying for an ABN, and whether or not you need to register for GST. Find out how to claim deductions on your car or bike, including the requirements for keeping a logbook. And understand what lodgments you need to make to the ATO as a food delivery driver.

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Seven Steps To Sorting Your Uber & Rideshare Tax Obligations

This post is the ultimate guide to Tax and GST for new Uber drivers. Learn how to get registered with the ATO, how to keep a logbook, what Uber tax deductions you can claim to minimise tax, and how to lodge your BAS's and tax return to the ATO. Everything Uber & rideshare drivers need to know to get started managing their Uber taxes in seven simple steps.

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How Much Will I ACTUALLY Make From Uber Driving?

How much do Uber drivers really make? If you're thinking about driving for Uber, this will be one of your most important questions. After Uber fees, taxes and car expenses, how much of your Uber fares will actually end up in your pocket? This blog post will help give you an understanding of the different factors that might affect your Uber earnings, how much will go to the tax-man, and how much you'll actually get to take home.

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Tax Deductions For Uber Drivers

No-one likes to pay tax, so naturally we're all trying to maximise our tax deductions to minimise our tax bills. This article explains in detail all the deductions you can claim as an Uber driver. We'll look at the two different methods for claiming your car expenses, how to keep a logbook, and all the other potential rideshare and delivery tax deductions you may be able to claim.

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Saving For Your Uber Tax & GST Bills

Tax is an unavoidable part of being in business, but too often people find themselves in trouble with the ATO after tax bills accumulate. It's easy to find yourself continually playing catch-up, so a set routine for saving as you go is essential to avoid tax time panic. This article will help you stay on top of your tax obligations so you can head into tax time with the right amount of savings, and feel confident that you're properly prepared.

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